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Smart Full Color Touch Big Screen Door Frame Metal Detector

Place of Origin China
نام تجاری MCD
گواهی ISO , CE
Model Number MCD-2012
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs
قیمت Negotiable
Packaging Details Carton or Wooden Case
Delivery Time Normally within 5 working days
Payment Terms T/T , Western Union , L/C
Supply Ability 1500 pcs/month

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جزئیات محصول
Alarm way Audio alert, and LED location lamp work at the same time. Detection Zone 6 zones
Display ways 7 inch full color touch mode LCD pannel Sensitivity 0-200 adjustable
Tunnel Size 200(L)*68(W)*56(H)cm Dimension 222(L)*80(W)*67(H)cm
Net Weight 51.5kg/set Gross Weight:71kg/set Package Size Main Body: 230*72*25cm(2 piece /carton)
Host Machine 78*47*28cm(1 piece/carton)

3d metal detector,high sensitive metal detector


high sensitive metal detector

پیام بگذارید
توضیحات محصول

Smart  Full Color Touch Big Screen Door Frame Metal Detector


Feature and Application: 

Fireproof , waterproof , and shockproof. multi-zone alarm . 7"LCD display, Chinese and English digital Menu , 

Display mode: 7 inch full color touch mode LCD pannel .

Generous apprearance , It can exactly detect the positions of metls that walk through people carried , better sensitivity . Apply for need high sensitivity Exhibition Areas for both indoor and outdoor check , such as hardware and Electronic manufacturer check if the person steal the metals , or Apply for large public Events , check the person if take leather weapon . it is very suitable  for exports .

Product Features:


1. Using international advanced digital detection technology. 

2. 7 inch LCD display. 

3. Responding to vibration protection function. 

4. Alarm regional instructions. 

5. Built in LED lights , accurate door plank that human body corresponding parts of the height of contraband hiding. 

6. Detection area:Optional 6/8 averlapping detection area,according to the distribution of metal objects , location and alarm,accuate judgement of the metal objects. 

7. Adopts the prohibited item recognition. 

8. Adopts anti-interference ability. 

9. Adjustable sensitivity:0-199 sensitivity level can be adjusted. 

10. Password protection function. 

11. Responding to easy operation. 

12. Using of weak magnetic field emission technology. 



Specification :


Alarm way:


Audio alert, and LED location lamp work at the same time. 

Single / multi-zone optional alarm mode

Detection Zone:

6 zones

Display ways:


7 inch full color touch mode LCD pannel



0-200 adjustable

Tunnel Size:




Net Weight:

51.5kg/set   Gross Weight:71kg/set

Package Size:

Main Body:   230*72*25cm(2 piece /carton)

Host Machine:

78*47*28cm(1 piece/carton)





Apply for manufacturer , such as electronics (Hard drives, mobile phones, MP3, translation machine,

voice recorder,  electronic devices), electronics cable, Electrical equipment, gold siliver field. ink cartridges, mining, metal products,  electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals,most for apply for govement security,such as : Public security bureau, procuratorate, court,

courtroom, prison,  detention centers, labor camps, drug treatment. And also can apply for the plubic

area, Gymnasium, entertainment (discos, dance halls, etc.), airports,  railway stations, bus stations, ports, galleries, museums, banks, oil depots, power stations.

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